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Transform Your Mental Health Today

Counseling with Dr. Brooke Lundquist

Meet Brooke 

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Dr. Brooke Lundquist is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with a passion for helping first responder individuals and couples. Brooke has specialized training and experiences working with the unique needs of the first responder community, as well as many other populations. She provides a safe and supportive space to help clients overcome challenges, manage stress, and improve their mental well-being through various therapeutic approaches. 

Brooke is EMDR trained, as well as trained in Gottman Couples Therapy Levels I and II. Please see About page for further certifications and education. 

Brooke and facility dog, Raider
Brooke and Raider

Focus Areas

Coping Strategies for First Responders

Managing Stress and Trauma

Improving Communication Skills

Setting and Achieving Goals

EMDR certified

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